Nutrition & Dysphagia

Products for Nutrition and Dysphagia

Flavour Creations is a specialist food and drink manufacturer dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life through food-first nutrition.

Since 1997, our range of thickened drinks, quality thickening powders, and advanced nutrition offerings have helped promote better patient outcomes. Our commitment to ongoing innovation and delicious, high-quality products has made Flavour Creations a global leader in dysphagia and medical nutrition.

All our products are scientifically formulated by our team of food scientists, speech pathologists and dietitians, and are subject to rigorous quality and safety processes.

We also believe that empathy breeds innovation. By truly understanding the challenges faced by the people we serve, we can create products that restore dignity and nutritional health to individuals in hospital, aged care, at home and in community.

Designed for texture-modified food, Shape it Food Moulds help to create texture-modified cuisine: food that looks like food.

With Shape It Powder and Moulds texture-modified meals look as good as they taste, with the same colour, layering, height and shape as regular food.


The Moulds

* 100 % Food Grade Silicone
* Dishwasher Safe
* Freezer Safe
* Microwave Safe
* Oven Safe
* Stackable

Shape It Powder

* Moulds all Foods and Liquids
* Suitable for all IDDSI levels
* Heat & Freeze – Thaw Stable
* Does not alter colour or flavour
* Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Egg & Nut Free
* Vegan / Kosher / Halal


A No-Melt Ice-Scream alternative that won’t melt at ambient temperatures.

* No Melt Shelf Stable
* No Artificial Colours and Flavours
* Source of Protein Screamies 8g per serve
* Source of Calcium
* Shelf Life: 14 months
* Storage: Ambient – Freeze before Serving
* Gluten, Nut, Soy Free
* Vegan / Kosher / Halal
* Available in Chocolate or Salted Caramel Flavours

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* 27 vitamins and minerals
* High protein – 8g per serve
* High energy – 1.3kcal/g
* Suitable for vegetarians
* Halal / Kosher
* Texture modified – IDDSI level 4

With the World’s largest range of thickened Ready to Drink products, Flavour Creations’ offers something for everyone dining with dysphagia

* Eight Drinks Categories and over 20 flavours

* Range covers all four IDDSI levels

* Nutritionally Complete and Protein Fortified Options

* Unique Amylase Resistance formula – ensures a consistent thickness during the entire  swallowing process

* Shelf stable for ambient storage

* Gluten and Nut Free / Halal / 70% of range Kosher

* No Artificial colours or flavours

* Stops the need for hand mixing – Time Efficient, Less Contamination Risk, Consistency of thickness

The Dysphagia Cup

* Easy Peel Lid
* An extended 30mm long x 60mm wide user-friendly pull tab to assist opening by people of all ages and dexterity.
* Embossed Texture to further assist manual grip the tab is embossed with deep etched ribbing.
* Clear information on each foil including IDDSI level of thickness.
* Lids to allow staged consumption and reduce waste.
* Double handled holder to increase independent use.

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