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The Elaine Bain Family Trust was established as the Albany Children’s Trust in 2012 by Keith Courtney, Lynn O’Reilly and Elaine Bain. The Trust was created with the intention of working with local high schools to enhance the education and life prospects of disengaged learners from all backgrounds.

We are currently in partnership with Kingsway Park High School and Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School where we engage with three Key Stage 3 groups. The focus of these groups has been personal development through planned excursions which include both educational and recreational outings.

Our motivation has and will always be to have the greatest impact on our learner’s lives by giving them the opportunity to flourish. Due to the needs of our schools and the success of our current programme we have embarked on a new project, incorporating learners in Key Stage 4. We are incredibly proud of what has been achieved at EBFT and none of it would be possible without our fantastic staff, mentors and friends of EBFT.

Kingsway Park

Kingsway Park was approached by the trustees because of the high level of deprivation in the immediate locality and the charity’s desire to support those learner’s less privileged. Many students were identified as having potential, but lacked opportunity. The offer of support to aid all areas of development was accepted and for the last 8 years the school and EBFT have collaborated on a number of programmes which have been highly successful.
Deborah Ball

Headteacher at Kingsway Park High School

Cardinal Langley RC High School

This student comes from a very impoverished family and for confidential reasons does not live with natural parents. Home life can be chaotic as elderly carers struggle with an extended family. At the start of year 7 this student displayed low level disruptive behaviour and was failing to engage fully in education. Their attitude to learning score was below average and a concern. By the end of year 8 the students’ attitude to learning has moved from a concern to very good. This is a remarkable achievement. This student was interviewed by the Ofsted inspectors last year and the impact of the ACT programme on their life has been impressive.

This student arrived in year 7 withdrawn, no friends and would not communicate. This student has a chaotic home life. This year this student was awarded an accolade for their achievements. There has also been a significant improvement in their attitude to learning across the curriculum over the year from just above average to a sound very good.
Christine Hardman

Academic & Pastoral Leader at Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic School


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