Quality tinned and packaged responsibly fished Tuna, Salmon (MSC) and other seafood products.

Safcol are a Greenpeace recognised market leader in sustainable and ethical fishing practices. Their responsibly fished fad free Tuna and MSC Salmon products are of the highest quality. Safcol’s extensive product range is under continual development as evidenced by their new On-the-Go pouch range and flavour options.

New Pouches

Available in range: Springwater, Olive & Coconut Oil, Italian Style Tomato & Onion, and Thai Sweet Chilli

Tuna & Salmon Pouches

Available in range: Tuna with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tuna with Lemon & Black Pepper, Tuna with Oven Dried Tomato & Herb, Tuna with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Salmon – Mediterranean Style, Salmon with Lemon & Dill, Salmon with Mild Red Chilli, Tuna for Dinner – Moroccan Curry and Salmon for Dinner – Mild Indian Curry

Tinned Tuna

Available in range: Springwater, Italian Style Oil, Spicy Chilli, Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn, Canola Oil, lemon & Black Pepper

Tinned Salmon

Available in range: Springwater, Soy & Ginger, Lemon & Thyme, Onion & Tomato, Smoken, Mild Red Chilli

Other Tinned Seafood

A range of plain and flavoured Tinned Mussels, Oysters an Sardines

On-The-Go Ready Meals

Available in range: Italian Style Tuna, Spanish Style Tuna, Italian Herb & Tomato Salmon, Spanish Paella Style Salmon, Sweet Onion & Tomato Salmon