Elaine Bain Tribute

Elaine Bain, better known as Lainey, sadly passed-away in March of 2020. Lainey was a trustee and the driving force behind the Albany Children’s Trust and in her honour, the trustees have decided that the charity be renamed the Elaine Bain Family Trust (EBFT).

Lainey was an incredibly caring and vivacious person who used her passion for helping children to start the Albany Children’s Trust. Her focus was on giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunities to access a curriculum enrichment programme. Lainey’s mission was a great one: she taught those around her the importance of showing care to those in need.

Lainey was a model of love, kindness and generosity who was a reassuring presence for everyone at Albany Children’s Trust. Thinking of Lainey automatically brings a smile to the faces of those who knew her because she lived her life with a smile on hers.

We will never forget her zest for life, her compassion for others and the way she always carried herself with integrity and humility. Thank you for reminding us that the present moment is precious, and that we should make the most of it.

Lainey’s legacy is evident in sustaining the work she initiated, and the Elaine Bain Family Trust is testament to this.

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