Future Pathways Project

In 2018, the charity decided to provide additional support to KPHS learners by creating an Alternate Provision programme for Year 10 and Year 11 learners who had disengaged with school. Originally the programme focussed on delivering social skill development through outdoor activity. The charity had the support of outdoor education specialist, Glenn Rees to help deliver the programme. The programme proved to be a success and the learners who attended have gone on to positive progressions, a key outcome for any Alternate Provision.


Following on from the successes of this programme, the charity in consultation with Kingsway Park High School, decided to expand the following academic year and introduce key GCSE subjects, Mathematics and English to our curriculum. With the support of Daniel Collins and Abby McLaughlin, the learners engaged with formal education in the morning followed by community projects and outdoor activities in the afternoon.

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